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Ref. A69361B

E-RAZ Gas Grenade

MSRP : 53.90 € incl. tax

100% made in France by Z-Parts

Brand new rotative gas grenade, 100% made in France, the most reliable grenade in the market, small size, fast reload, one-piece frame (use new moulds technology, fully patented)heavy duty construction....a MUST HAVE ! 

  • Impact Gas
  • New one-piece Frame (without additional screw)
  • Easy to use and reload
  • High Density Polymer
  • 360 degree Dispersion
  • 100% made in France !
  • Caliber 6mm
  • Weight 180 grammes
  • Hight 88mm
  • Diameter 52mm (fits with 40mm grenade pouch)
  • Fiber Polymer Frame
  • 100 bbs
Ref. Item designation MSRP
A69361B Blue 53.90 €
A69361O Orange 53.90 €
A69361G Urban Grey 53.90 € Non disponible / Not available
A69361R Red 53.90 €
A69361A Anise Green 53.90 € Non disponible / Not available
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